Recently I’ve been involved in investigating why PagerDuty integration with sentry 9.1.1 doesn’t work. Same thing was happening to 9.1.2 version. The problem was not visible in UI but in logs such error message was repeating:

19:13:04 [INFO] sentry.plugins.pagerduty: notification-plugin.notify-failed. (plugin=u’pagerduty’ error=u’Error Communicating with PagerDuty (HTTP 400): Event object is invalid’)

No incoming event on PagerDuty side assured me that this problem is real.

Problem investigation

It’s clear that Sentry PagerDuty plugin is using APIv1 because is using url as integration endpoint.

Error we get in logs has 400 HTTP code:

19:13:04 [INFO] sentry.plugins.pagerduty: notification-plugin.notify-failed. (plugin=u’pagerduty’ error=u’Error Communicating with PagerDuty (HTTP 400): Event object is invalid’)

Related documentation on PagerDuty.

If the event is improperly formatted, a 400 Bad Request will be returned.

Quick search on github revealed other people struggling with same issue #356
Conversation is locked unfortunately.

Immediate fix

TLDR: docker image cloudposse/sentry:9.1.3

Some more search revealed that one fix (PR 469) to PagerDuty was merged to master but never released as a version. This problem could possibly be easily fixed by just changing two lines in PagerDuty plugin. Such change should alleviate the problem. I created repository cloudposse/sentry with Dockerfile that just replace affected PagerDuty python file.
After building and testing cloudposse/sentry:9.1.3 it turned out that events were correctly sent to PagerDuty :relieved:

Root cause

Our request sent to PagerDuty is the culprit.

                'event_type': event_type,
                'description': description,
                'details': details,
                'incident_key': incident_key,
                'client': client or self.client,
                'client_url': client_url or absolute_uri(),
                'contexts': contexts,

But what is exactly wrong with it?

I spinned up testing sentry installation with docker-compose. Added volume on PagerDuty plugin for debug and simply logged event sent to PagerDuty API.

  [{'text': 'Issue Details', 'href': u'http://localhost:9000/sentry/internal/issues/1/?referrer=pagerduty_plugin', 'type': 'link'}], 
  'incident_key': 1L, 
  'description': u'This is an example Python exception', 
  'event_type': 'trigger', 
  'details': {
      'project': u'Internal',
      'release': None, 
      'url': u'http://localhost:9000/sentry/internal/issues/1/?referrer=pagerduty_plugin', 
      'culprit': u'raven.scripts.runner in main', 
      'platform': u'python', 
      'event_id': u'd9e0399f5fd041fe840dc1a5ce3d424c', 
      'tags': {'level': u'error', 'url': u'', 'sentry:user': u'id:1', '': u'Windows 8', 'browser': u'Chrome 28.0.1500', '': u'Chrome'}, 
      'datetime': '2020-05-10T09:14:59.127000Z'

What draws my attention is 'incident_key': 1L, - it’s of type long (Python3 only have int as long and int was unified). What six.text_type do is it change this variable to str.
After fix incident_key changed to unicode type.
Sending an event with that change works flawlessly.

From PagerDuty docs we know that incident_key must be string.
The issue was happening because sentry was sending json event with integer for incident_key.

Request is sent by session (from sentry.http import build_session) which is part of sentry and is out of scope of my investigation.
If one want to follow then I’d start here


Even though the change is rather simple it might be not easy to get it. Sentry is big product with a lot of moving parts.
Debugging in docker-compose is not the easiest thing but it helped me to understand what went wrong and what exactly this fix does.
Root cause investigation was done only “for fun”. Issue was fixed before that but this allowed me to created this post so one can follow debugging path.

What’s also worth to note is that closing github issues and restricting commenting does not help community.